DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox

DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox

February 10, 2019

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to share with you a fun and easy craft to create an adorable Valentine's Day mailbox with your children! My son came home with a newsletter that he needed to create his own Valentine's Day Mailbox out of a shoebox. So our creative wheels starting spinning to come up with a fun mailbox he will enjoy making and holding his cards from his classmates. This DIY Valentine Mailbox can be made with all items that you probably have in your house already! My son loves superheroes and my daughter loves princess movies, so we decided those would be the themes of their boxes. We wanted to create a bold look to easily distinguish his mailbox and to make him feel proud of his work of art!

valentine mailbox valentine's day mailbox princess valentine superhero valentine


Here are the list of materials you will need to make this DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox: 


Acrylic Paint

Paint sponges


Construction Paper

Printer and copy paper (or cardstock)

Letter Stickers

Glue gun (or Elmer's glue)

Box Cutter

 valentine's day art project mailbox diy easy supplies


We first printed out the patterns and pop-up portion on copy paper. The pattern was printed on a full sheet, and the pop-up was printed as a 3.5"x5". Once these were printed, we cut them out and glued them on construction paper to make it more sturdy. Cut around the pop-up portion while leaving a small trim of construction paper around the characters. 

superhero princess printables


Next is the fun part--painting! Paint the outside sides and bottom of the box. One coat should be good, but if you have the extra time and want to paint a second coat, go ahead! 

painted valentine's day shoebox mailbox


A great tip is to paint the sides of the lid as well! This is helpful to create a seamless look if your pattern copy paper is a little too short to cover the edges. Our superhero box had this problem, but painting the sides of the lid solved it! 

valentine's day box mailbox painted shoebox diy


The second step is to glue the patterned copy paper to the top of the lid. I assisted and used a hot glue gun to ensure it would easily stay in place, but Elmer's glue will work as well. 

kids mailbox valentine's day box


Next, take a box cutter and make about a 5"x.5" hole for the card slot. This is achieved easiest by drawing a rectangle on the underside and cutting from the underside. You will also need to make another slit for the pop-up to stand up on. Make this slit slightly longer than the cut-out you have. 

valentine's day mailbox diy
 valentine mailbox diy


Pull the pop-up portion through the slit and hot glue the underside to ensure its placement. 

 easy kids valentine mailbox


Once the glue has dried, it is time to stick the letter stickers on the side to spell out your child's name. An easy tip to make sure you get the letter placement to look symmetrical is to stick the middle or 2 middle letters of your child's name FIRST! By doing so, it will be easier to place the remaining letters. You may also hot glue the letters of the stickers aren't sticky enough on their own. 

valentine's day mailbox
valentine's day mailbox


Voila! Your child's work of art Valentine's Day mailbox is complete! 

princess valentine's day
avengers superheroes velentine's day


We want to see your child's DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox creation! Feel free to comment below with your picture! 


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